With Care, Persistence and Support, Healing is Possible!

Therapy and Healing in San Rafael

With Care, Persistence and Support, Hope is Possible!

Hope Sees the Invisble...
Feels the Intangible and Achieves the Impossible
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Everybody desires to achieve happiness in their life… but life can present challenges that can complicate our happiness. In such times, it’s important to recognize that there is hope… for it is the first step towards healing, and ultimately happiness. However, it is a journey… and one that is best facilitated by support.

As a professional mental health practitioner who has been helping people on this journey for more than 10 years, I am available to stand by your side as a supportive guide to help you navigate the challenges, and all its stages, to grow through it (not go through it)… and to achieve happiness. 

It is a challenge, as with all things worth doing… but you do not need to go at it alone.

Don't Go Through it... Grow Through...

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Some anxiety in life is normal, however, anxiety disorder is different for the distress it causes can keep you from carrying on with your life normally..


It is natural to feel down sometimes, but if such feelings linger you may be suffering from depression. Depression is widespread, however, its causes are complex.


PTSD effects anyone who has difficulty recovering after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event, not just those who have experienced combat.

Life Transitions

Life is inevitable change, and while change can be good, it also inevitably comes with challenge, causing us to question, forcing us to adjust... and depending on the challenge, it could actually degrade our mental health.


Relationships are so fundamental to our happiness that depending on their quality in our lives, it can have profound effects on our mental health, but which has ramifications in our physical health, even leading to an premature death.

Hope is a powerful force; being like the sun, it casts our shadowy burdens behind us.

However, life can get complicated and difficult such that we loose touch with hope–we loose our optimism, and we may become resigned, lacking the motivation to try as we instead preoccupy ourselves with the worry and dread that things cannot get better.

Ironically, when we lack hope, we don’t take the necessary action to change, and this often manifests our belief that things cannot get better, as they rarely do from such a state of mind.

Author David Brooks wrote “Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.” However, to add to that, rather than precluding success, failure and setback are a necessary part of it for it serves as an opportunity to learn, reset and grow. 

The key is to move from identifying with a setback or failure in such a way as that you cannot see past it… to a future that is better… only in that do you really fail by robbing yourself of the ability to elevate your life to a place that’s better.

My goal in our therapy is to do just that.

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